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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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details at >> bill: good tip of the day. two things, patty. i'm happy you asked for advice. that was the tip of the day yesterday. it usually works. second, please consider this, a letter of recommendation for you from me. patty was well written, intelligent and to the point. i hope that helps. factor tip of the day, it's very personal one, simply my advice to congresswoman nancy pelosi. let me put this in letter form. dear miss pelosi, when the press asks you a question that you don't have any idea about, just say that.
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say you don't know. don't do what you did yesterday when asked about college basketball. >> i have a lot allegiances to those schools. i don't want anybody to lose. i'm rooting for everybody, especially the players i want them all to succeed. i'm addicted to basketball, all sports but college basketball very exciting. >> bill: it's not march mad, it's march madness. factor tip of the day. stop the madness. you don't know anything, just say so. >> that is it for tonight. check out fox factor website. we like to if you wish to opine,
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no malism and congratulations to bob laconte of wood land park, new jersey. he was the first one to define corgon. the stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight i'm joined by renowned middle east expert and much more. you will hear directly from our audience on a week when president obama made his very first trip from israel since taking office we continue to see more of the same from campaigner in chief. he met with israel's leaders but offered no real solutions for middle east peace. it will take a lot more in a few days to fix the reckless foreign
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policy of the last now fewer years. he is aware of the challenge. >> i'm meeting none of these challenges will not be easy. ultimately it's not a hard problem. its hard slog to work through all these issues. it's hard. >> sean: aside from hitting the links in tiger woods and paling around with beyonce, it's hard work being the leader of the world. his trip didn't go entirely as planned. it included the burning of american flag and images of obama himself. then there was some car trump when the armored cadillac limo that was supposed to transport the president, that broke down. they put in the wrong fuel and it had to be towed. what would be a speech but
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without a few hecklers. >> i believe your future is bound to ours. >> sean: with reminders of the week for his failures to address the problems. is he going to continue? or is he going to chart a new course. now, we bring our distinguished studio audience. thanks for being here. you can give yourself a hand, you know. am i wrong, show of hands, my belief strongly held belief, one of the biggest challenges the world now faces is the rise of radical islamists. how many of you agree with that. anybody disagree. nobody disagree? do you think for better or worse has obama made the situation in middle east better? raise your hand, worse?
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okay, why? >> he has presented an unclear message as to where the united states should be going and where the arab world is going and refused to call the jahadis an enemy and call for continuation of the war on terror. he refuses to use the word enemy and use jihad and engage in this war like the cold war is. >> sean: before we get everybody else's comments. remember georgetown university there was crucifixion, they covered that. remember. this is obama speaking and over him is a picture of a known terrorist. his name is yasser arafat. i wouldn't speak with a picture like that over my head, would you? >> i absolutely not. no criticism of this and except
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for sean hannity and the media is in his pocket. when you talk about if he has made the situation in the middle east worse and encouraged the rise of them, i would say absolutely. look at the policy at egypt. we get the muslim brotherhood a sworn enemy. look at libya, moammar khadafy had killed americans but by the time he became president he was providing huge amounts of intel about al-qaeda and the muslim brotherhood operations in north african. what do you have in the sflias chaos but the muslim brotherhood and al-qaeda. it's happening across the middle east with his encouragement. can only come away with his middle east policy as something against u.s. interests and
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against us. >> sean: it's interesting congressman, we're giving mohammed morsi who referred to our allies as apes and pigs and giving him tanks and $1.5 billion. i'm trying to understand the logic behind this. >> that is why he is doing so well amongst radicals and not doing well with most of the muslim world. i have met with muslims in afghanistan. they noen know they have been thrown under the bus. you go around the world in different places, muslims that have sided with us, they've been thrown under the bus. so he is out there plugging the radicals. you bring up arafat. you remember george w. bush
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would not meet with arafat in the white house because he knew how that devastated friends and encouraged our enemies. you remember even in the gulags in the soviet union when reagan said evil empire about soviet union, they applauded. it gave them strength. it helped them push forward. this president doesn't get it. he was in the gulag and when they found out a president used those two words, it made incredible encouragement. >> sean: same speech about alexander s., and ambassador bolton, good to see you. king of jordan said we're making a big mistake by supporting the muslim brotherhood. before i ask you a question.
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i want to take it back to barack obama's apology tour and ask you if this was effective. let's roll that tape. >> america like every other nation has made mistakes and has it's flaws. in america there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times when america has shown arrogance and been dismissive even derisive. 9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country. the fear and anger that have provoked was understandable, but in some cases it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideas. we're taking concrete actions to change course. i have unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the united states, and i have ordered the
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prison at guantanamo by early next year. >> while the united states has done much to promote peace and prosperity we have at times been disengaged and we thought to dictate our terms. >> sean: ambassador, arrogant, derisive and contrary to our deals and guilty of torture and we're giving money to the muslim brotherhood. what is wrong were that? >> those kinds of comments don't win us any friends and seen as signs of weakness. this president thinks history began with this administration. when we encourage muslim brotherhood movements around the region and disregard king abdullah and other friends in the arab world we are giving encouragement to those that are going to try to overthrow them. get ready, things will get worse
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there. >> sean: and king abdullah is a wolf in sheep's clothing. what do you think he'll do with the money and tanks we give them? >> i think he should apology the things he said. i think it's pursuing the military in egypt. >> sean: military the leaders have been replaced by puppets of morsi? >> before he replaces them and undoes the aid we have given him over the years. if morsirenegs on the camp david accord, we in israel are in real trouble. >> sean: i know we're going to get everybody in. a lot more to come. still more with our studio audience of middle east experts and he is one of the most outspoken critics. congressman peter king and talking about the white house is botching what is happening in
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to special studio audience edition. shimon perez says it would attack iran to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. benjamin netanyahu said that iran would need about one year
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to build a nuclear weapon. joining me now with how this would how it would affect the u.s. and how we should confront this. what do you think? >> i think first of all as an american he wants the president to succeed and want him to take the right action but in view of the actions and apology tour, between israeli and the palestinians and it creates doubt. and doing nothing in the summer of 2009 to move against the iranian government and the fact that israel, worse than any ally has been treated. white house has treated them like a beggar. why would israely would the prime minister who is a very smart man. would he or should he trust obama? i wouldn't trust him if i were
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him. >> he has to say publicly he does. i don't know what is going on behind the scenes. >> sean: i think it's for public consumption. >> i think netanyahu is a smart guy and making a case and making it clear if he has to he will act unilaterally that could bring president obama in. i'm sure that net snet very concerned. >> sean: he left netanyahu in the white house and said, if you change your mind and come and get me. then he left. then something that the suns united states said never do go back to the '67 borders and nicolas sarkozy says net assassinate liar. i got a deal with him every week. that was pretty rude, too. >> netanyahu is a big boy. what concerns him is what does that show about president
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obama's real instincts. is he going to war with iran in defense of a country -- that is what netanyahu has to worry about. if to publicly treat netanyahu that way it weakens his opposition in middle east because the allies see how we treat the main allies and discourages allies. >> sean: if you are netanyahu and i see obama giving f-16s, tanks, $1.5 billion to the former head of the muslim brotherhood, mohammed morsi who think the israelis are descendants of apes and pigs, i know what i would be thinking? >> we can control with the egyptian military. >> sean: the military leadership has been changed by morsi. his puppets are in charge? >> we can control it but no rationale for a pegs and morsi the fact is things he has said
9:19 pm
insults he has toward the israelis and jews and whole attitude, all of that. it goes back to when we threw mubarak under the buses. >> sean: and what happened to the arab spring it was an arab nightmare. i was on the air every night. ambassador bolton were there. there were v some of us and article said i was muslim brotherhood obsessed. how couldn't other people see this coming? >> because the position we had, president obama came in with the belief there moral equivalency and bad allies. the u.s. was responsible for a lot of the bad actions by the islamists and terrorists. they generally believed this was
9:20 pm
the real people speaking. he went on the apology tour and almost encouraged them. >> sean: is there evidence that obama has evolved, any evidence that he has changed his viewings? >> i will give him credit for taking out top al-qaeda policies. it's skit firemen i can policies. he is putting apologize go for america in many ways. i would say he got some of the message but not all of it. >> sean: in your israel and looking at the nomination of hagel and the nomination of brennan, he said jihad is a legitimate tenet of islam. is your interpresents that? >> no. you can't have different interpretations and anyone that opts for that will be wrong. i find chuck hagel he was
9:21 pm
borderline anti-semitic and it involves other race but in the liberal mind set that fits into their view of the israel which was so dog matted i can if they didn't believe in it. >> hezbollah, hamas, islamic jihad, iran, i thought it was geopolitical earth quick when mahmoud ahmadinejad went to cairo and the world didn't pay attention it to. is israel being at risk of being annihilated? >> absolutely. and it gets worse each day. israel again smaller than the state of new jersey, it can be wiped out by nuclear weapons and surrounded by enemies. >> sean: congressman, thanks for being here. coming up on special edition.... >> the goal i set to defeat
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>> i said i would have to go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at i am and did i. >> and deny al-qaeda a chance to rebuild is now within reach. >> thanks to air force personnel osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. >> we pit al-qaeda on the path of defeat. >> al-qaeda on the path of defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> al-qaeda is on path of defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> sean: that is obama again and again taking out osama bin laden and on the campaign trail, while bin laden's death was milestone, reality is al-qaeda is still thriving. we saw it at its worst in benghazi when four innocent americans when the first ambassador killed in 30 years as well as two navy seals were killed. what is it going to take for our commander in chief to acknowledge the fact that we are
9:27 pm
still fighting a war against terrorism. joining me is mike gauss and pam geller is here. first segment we played a tape of barack obama we were guilty of torture. didn't we play that tape? and he apologized for torture but enhanced interrogation gave him to get the real name that got us to bin laden. without that, no bin laden? >> but i don't think we can approve of torture. what if our soldiers are caught in another country? >> shep: assume without that intel, no bin laden. is it notdz word khalid shaikh mohammed and three people to get waterboarded. was it worth to get bin laden, i say absolutely? >> i think torture, we should be approving.
9:28 pm
>> sean: we had doctors there and it worked. >> our soldiers were subjected to the water boarding. it's ridiculous premise. he is bragging taking out osama bin laden and he is aiding and abetting those with the same goals. >> sean: what do you mean by that? >> in most significant manifestation in the rise of islamic supreme sift regimes in syria, now in egypt and tunisia and libya. in syria we see the election in the government of a former hamas linked so obviously once again, we see the evidence that was entered in the largest terrorist holy land trial where 300 groups were named as muslim brotherhood groups and we know obama's department of justice has execute ltd those prosecutions. >> sean: we have a great
9:29 pm
esteemed group here tonight. really, bright smart people. i asked the question. i asked the question is the number one problem we face is rise of radical islamists. this is the single greatest threat this world faces. every time i debated you you are a nice man but you said the muslim brotherhood will not come to power. i was right and you were wrong. i want to see if you see it on bigger scale? >> because the arab spring, it came from a youth movement. they were frustrated with what was going on and they want to turned things around. when morsi came add and basically taking it over. that was very dramatic. >> sean: they were raping and women in tahrir square.
9:30 pm
polls show that egyptians, 75% of them, wanted sharia law. this was totally predictable. >> if you look at the muslim nations, they are not familiar with any of the law. the only law that works with them is sharia law. >> women can't drive, women can't go to school in saudi arabia, in iran, where else do you want to go? >> it's not the universal but it's the law of saudi and iran. >> it is islamist law,. i didn't mean to interprupt rupt. >> sean: eyewitness for rape? >> it's to prevent people charged wrongly and witnesses if they ever lie, they are going to be punished severely.
9:31 pm
>> sean: how about a dna test, we can prove it immediately. it was. >> killings, the fact that you are saying the reason for the number of centuries go it's still being used to today the only freedom of revolution was in june and july of 2009 because iranians were living under the boots. they booted sharia and obama could have been a historical figure. they are agitating in many countries. you could change the course of human events. >> sean: they are fighting proxy wars. >> so, it's the sharia not to criticize islam.
9:32 pm
>> there are few flaws in sharia >> sean: more than flaws. down right oppressive to human rights. >>. >> sean: what about the treatment of women. >> how about the treatment of non-muslims under the sharia. how about christians? >> it's radical muslims doing that. that is radical. >> sean: the radicals are in control. that is the problem. >> we need to change that. >> it is islam. it's offensive, jihad. >> sean: we need to take a break. thank you both. coming up next, a former top national security aide to george w. bush joins me to explain how the obama administration has not restored america's standing around the world, instead he has
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. this week will mark the ten-year anniversary of the iraq war and george w. bush chose to confront terror, obama doctrine has been different. how obama has failed to make good on his promise to have america restore the standing in the world. currently a senior fellow, elliot abrams. welcome back, sir? >> thank you, good to be here. >> sean: president went on his apology tour. president said he stopped torture and close gitmo. are we better off for it? >> no. i think you can show that by poll data by one thing.
9:38 pm
there is not more respect for the united states particularly in the middle east. this idea of, you know, reaching out to iran and syria and enemy regimes like that has failed, it has failed to convince anybody friend or foe. that is the problem. you get less respect from your foes and your friends feel weaker. >> sean: discuss about iran and their proxy wars they are fighting through hezbollah and all these different radical groups. they have tentacles all over the place causing trouble. there are numerous threats they want to wipe israel off the map. i believe them. you only go back my mind to 1930s i see an analogy there. if netanyahu is right and one year away from mahmoud ahmadinejad having nuclear weapons, what does that mean we have to do? >> well, i think it means we
9:39 pm
need to prepare for the possibility of a strike on iran. the iranians don't believe us. they are not scared. ayatollahs are not scared. they don't believe the speeches that president is making. all options are on the table. trust me, they don't believe it. the threats don't have credibility. think we need to make them credible. he said containment won't work. i think you need to say to them clearly, you will never get a nuclear weapon. you will never get a nuclear weapon. we will stop you and use military power to do it when it comes to that. >> sean: i don't think anybody in this country wants to get bogged down in iran in a decade long war. here is what my friends in the military tell me. the iranians are not stupid. they have built these facilities these nuclear facilities, they are way under ground.
9:40 pm
we would need massive. a bombing. we have trouble over refueling, there are certain military obstacles, it would make it a difficult job. this would be a long sustained effort. they have a military and air force. militarily, how hard is it? >> i think that is an overstatement. the israelis can do some of this. we're 20 times important powerful than israel. if little israel can set them back for years the massive u.s. air force and navy air power through cruise missiles and bombers can set them back. they have f-4ss from the day of the shah. it's not such a tremendous threat. look, as you said nobody wants a long war, but the israelis are thinking about a one-day strike. there is no reason why we can't think of that and more powerful.
9:41 pm
we're not talking about a month there. >> wouldn't we wanted to knock them out completely? >> i don't know if you can do a hundred percent of it but you can do a lot of it. once we have done it once, we told you, you are not going to get a nuclear weapon. if you try to rebuild it is just going to get repeated. after the strike we really have credibility. >> sean: thank you for being with us. coming up next, our audience, experts, they will explain how the obama administration needs to responded to the rogue regimes around the world and share with us predictions about the middle east as we continue a special edition of hannity and thanks for being with us. [ male announcer ] marie callender's puts all the things we love about sunday meals into each of her pot pies. like tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a golden flaky crust that's made from scratch. marie callender's pot pies. it's time to savor.
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>>. >> sean: welcome back. now with the middle east on the brink of chaos and iran getting bigger by the second. how are the allies going to respond. we open up to our studio audience. k.t. mcfarland. how paying situation do we have a year, do you agree? >> everybody says we got about a year, that makes sense. listening to everybody's
9:46 pm
comments i worked for president reagan he understood how do you take an enemy without going to war. how do you take him down without attacking. we have tried diplomacy and sanctions that hasn't worked. we are seeing a train wreck coming to an end. we are faced with a choice, bomb iran. i don't understand why don't we do what iran did reagan to the soviet union, kick their knees out by using oil as weapon. we have the ability in the united states within a very short period of time, just a few years to become energy independent. what does that do? >> sean: you just hit my favorite topic of the world. we have more oil than iraq and saudi arabia but we're dumb. >> and $80 a barrel, iran is finished. they will be so nervous about making their people happy at that point they are overextended economically, at that point if
9:47 pm
it is their nukes. >> sean: i still want to take out facilities. anyone disagree. you are at 50/50? >> you have to understand here, i think we have such an american ideology. this is war of ideology. that is very apparent today. iranian regime making the statement if they are going to see both those extensions of each other, they don't differentiate we will atta nile eight tel aviv. we have talks about having talks. right now in iran, let's understand what is going on iran. people are off from school. they are home from work. they are watching the television and why did the regime come out with such a powerful statement against u.s. and israel. that is what rallies people
9:48 pm
around their flag. they will continue to do that. the people of iran, it won't matter to them. what matters the economy is shambles. they don't have jobs or food to put on the table. >> what is concerning, that we have on the defense side, f.b.i. training manuals that don't even mention the word islam. don't mention the word muslims or jihad. those have been completely purged. we also have nuclear defense missiles i think are cut ever since barack obama has come into office. yeah, now he is talking about interceptors over to alaska but that was only pretty much in response to the north korean threat because he got caught on that. rather than that all of our defenses have been going downward. >> sean: i agree, good point. joel, you have written from the last jihad and written a lot of novels. every time i read them i'm
9:49 pm
thinking these scenarios that you are writing about seem very possible to me. you have a very dark, twisted mind. [ laughter ] >> i look at worst case scenarios. that is where we are. the new novel is damascus count down. what if an american president miscalculates, he tries diplomacy and it doesn't work. what if an american president doesn't give israel a green light and pressures that don't strike but israel does anyway. i think it's only two or five-day strike but you have to consider the blowback. iran will blow back with thousands -- and hezbollah and possibly syria too and hamas on israel. there is a risk that iran could attack us. i think in my countdown scenario they don't try to draw us in. they would like to fight straight on with israel.
9:50 pm
the question is whether the presidential in real life, shift back to real life -- did the president behind closed doors give netanyahu a green light? i'm divided. a few of us are divided on that. publicly what the president said israel needs the right to defend itself by itself. so if netanyahu now has to go into the next few weeks or months. i think he has a soundbite that says you gave me clearance. >> sean: i don't like the fact that israel has had a to ask obama -- i want to ask you -- i want to get everyone else in. do you believe that the bunker buster bombs, we keep reading over and over again these facilities are in obscure places they are buried way beneath the ground, can we get to them? that is not what i've heard. >> yes, we can. what the israelis need to do is break iran's control over the nuclear fuel cycle n at certain
9:51 pm
key points. they have the capability to do that. it's at the outer limit of their capability, but the amount of time that would be bought by an israeli strike should be enough to affect regime change. >> i see that smile on your face. we brought you into the family? >> absolutely. do you agree with that? you are not worried about how deep these things are buried? >> i think it is a concern. it would take more than one sortie but i don't think ambassador wouldn't remind me repeating. i think he was exactly right. i think the problem and the reason that iran continues to develop nuke says not because israel doesn't have a credible threat to attack them. everyone knows that israel will attack, but it's because america has a credible threat. if they really believe that we would come and attack, we would never have to. >> sean: good point.
9:52 pm
you are looking more and more like rick warren every day. [ laughter ] >> is that positive. i just want to make sure. >> sean: glad you are with us. more with the studio audience as more with the studio audience as special edition for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... more with the studio audience as special edition ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years.
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9:57 pm
he is not using peace through strength. >> sean: national security for oil. look at north dakota, 3% unemployment. >> i think that obama did something, two good things. one, is to publicly recognize the jewish state and the roots of the jews and religion which was important for the rest of the world. >> sean: is that really so good? >> so for him to say that, it was a good things. and now, he wants the palestinians to recognize the jewish state. this is not going to happen. >> sean: i wanted to get your reaction? >> i spent a good amount of time in israel just over a month ago
9:58 pm
talking with their ministers and talking with the people. they are guarded. that is the only way i can say. they are guarded about american leadership and they understand our culture. we talk about the red line and who gives netanyahu the go ahead and does it meet the reality. net netted is going to have make the decisions he needs to make and he so get past that. get past the obama statements. get past the fact that we know that in 67 hamas was formed by the muslim brotherhood. he wants us to go back to '67 borders but it's not going to happen. >> the hamas charter still calls for the destruction -- >> look at the culture and look at the fact that they keep their people down so they can use them as ploys, if you will, to the world. the final thing, go to the
9:59 pm
perspective of those who don't like us. they see weakness. >> sean: that i agree. >> actually. that is an excellent point. when i was looking into this today and president's numerous comments that sounded more like campaign rhetoric and less like something he actually believed, something that we really felt from his heart and seeing netanyahu standing up there, laying out the case for defending israel and doing a better job of it than the closest ally which is supposed to be the united states and palestinians who live in eastern jerusalem would rather, 40% would rather live in an israeli ruled nation than they would a new palestinian. 10% of israelis actually support it. everybody else has a negative view of him. he is failing on this. the only way as deneen mentioned to turn the situation around is


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